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Special Yoga

Special Yoga Courses

Sudarshan Kriya( Linking pranayama)-Developed by Art of Living.

It is a different type of breathing techniques. Includes combination of pranayama. cleanses body and mind , gives soothing effect to the nervous system. Harmony to the body and mind
Yoga Nidra

This is a kind of relaxation technique. It cures many mental disorders and tiredness of the body and mind. Gives freshness and rejunation to the mind. It is just like sleep being awake. Doctors , psychologists and educators can get good advantage.
Cyclic Meditation

It is a kind of meditation to be calm and bliss. This meditation is not just like other meditation, sitting and getting in to silenceness. One can feel very difficult to reach in to silenceness and sit long duration. But here we are doing meditation with different procedure by practicing special asana, relaxation, awareness rotation and other techniques.

Naada Anusandhana

Exploring and worship of the universal sound.

Meditative posture/Shavasana
AAA – 3 times – low ,medium, high – pitch -lower body(legs)
UUU – 3 times – low ,medium, high – pitch -middle body(stomach & chest)
MMM – 3 times – low ,medium, high – pitch -upper body(Head)
A-U-m – 3 times – low, medium , high- pitch.


This is nothing but the right and special way of chanting of OM
Chanting of om in 1 : 1, 2:1, 1:2 ratio and in low pitch, medium pitch, high-pitch.
Chanting in one deep breath -concentration on others chanting-concentration on vibration -frequency matching, Om heeling by chanting Om in circle by keeping one in the center of the circle. Non stop OM chant, etc
Note: It is a ongoing course. Course will be given on demand(subjected to availability). Mainly for during the time of Yoga Teachers Training. It is part of Yogadarshanam Yoga Teachers Training Courses.

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