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Krida Yoga

Krida yoga

This includes different kinds of yogic games based on Yoga concepts to improve concentration, awareness, breathing, stamina, alertness, mind power, IQ, etc in playful manner with so much fun and joy. very useful for teachers to handle kid’s yoga class.  Along with Games Singing, Dance and chanting may also include.

Yoga Games

  1. Worrier fight
  2. Veerabhadrasana Fight.
  3. Eagle Race
  4. Ship Race
  5. Tug of war with Pairs
  6. Boat Race
  7. Fish scooping
  8. Flat cup glass race
  9. Groper race
  10. 3 and 4 legged race
  11. Blind race
  12. Sack race
  13. Thread needle race
  14. Frog jump Race
  15. Snake and mongoose
  16. Breaking the Chain
  17. Balloon Bursting
  18. Keep it Up(balloon by blowing the air)
  19. Hop in and Hop back

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