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What is Yoga

Yoga is a systematic scientific process of self un-foldment and an ancient art based on a harmonizing system of development for the body, mind and spirit. Yoga is the best curative and preventive medicine for most of the ills of the man resulting from the so-called modern living. Yoga is one of the most important Indian philosophy out of six Indian philosophy(Shad Darshana) and valuable gift of Indian culture(Rishi Culture) to Evoke hidden potentialities in a systematic and scientific way by which man become a fuller individual as well as It is a Science and art of pure life style with disciplines and conscious process to solve his problems.

Classical Definitions:

  • YUJYATE ANENA ITI YOGAH(Dictionary meaning) that which unites in yoga.
  • CHITTA-VRTTI-NIRODHAH (Patanjali) yoga is the cessation of vrittis (modifications) of mind.
  • MANAH PRASAMANAH UPAYA YOGA-ITYABHI DHIYATE (Vasistha) yoga is a (subtle)technique to calm down the mind.
  • YOGAH KARMASU KAUSALAM (Lord Krisna in Geetha) yoga is skill in action.
  • SAMATVAM YOGA UCHYATE (Bhagvad Geeta) Equanimity of mind in yoga.
  • Sri Aurobindo says:Yoga elevates a man from the level of animal man to Divine man.
  • Swami Vivekananda–Yoga is a way to condense the process of evolution. Each and every soul is potential divine, but the goal is to manifest this divinity within you by controlling nature internally or externally by doing Karma yoga, Bhakthi yoga, Jnana yoga or Raja yoga do one or more and be free.

What is not Yoga?

  • A rope trick
  • magic
  • Exhibition of powers(showing some yoga postures on Stage)
  • Physical Exercise
  • Aerobics
  • Asanas(bending body) only
  • Only for patients
  • Age related
  • Inhibitions
  • easy chair philosophy
  • Religion

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