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Pranayama Course


Prana is a vital universal life force. Pranayama is nothing but mastery of this universal energy via your breathe. This is very important aspects as essential as our breathe to expand our life span and to keep control our biological age lesser than chronological age. It gives 3G effect like glow-grow and go  for each and every unit of the body.  Also essential to gain Dharana(Focusing capacity to the mind as Pathanjali said in is Yoga Sutra)

Our Pranayama Course is divided into two part . First part belongs to Vasista Yoga (Pathanjali Yoga ) Beginners can practice very easily. These set of Pranayama is free from Breath retention inside and outside. Easy to practice and to apply Therapeutic purposes specially for Yoga Teachers and Therapist.

Our Pranayama Course is divided into two parts . First part belongs to Beginners. Beginners can practice very easily to understand correct breath flow and to achieve Sama Vrithi (Equal Inhale and exhale breathe flow). These set of Pranayama is free from Breath retention inside and outside(Kumbhaka and Bandha) Second part(Hatha) includes breath retention inside-outside with the help of bandhas(Lock).So that this part of Pranayama course suggested for experienced students along with Nadi shuddi(nerve or Psychic network purifications).  Both the parts are important to cure many ailments and to get total health.  This course is also good for Yoga Teachers and Therapists.
Clear method of practice with benefits , limitation and application to treat our problems

  • A close observation from teacher.
  • Detailed instruction anatomy and physiology
  • Well described course Manual
  • Course will be available from 1 to 4 weeks with detailed manual.
  • Course can be taken on demand on any time.

Note: It is a ongoing course anybody can take this course . course will be given on Teachers convenient time.

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