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Nethi-Kriya In Mysore Yoga school

Nethi kriya is one of the shatkarma of the Hatha Yoga, a kind of detoxification. Nethi kriya is nothing but nasal passage cleancing techniques. This is two types 1. Jala nethi-clansing with water and 2. Sutra nethi –cleansing with rubber cathetor.

This is a simple kriya we teach in our regular courses as well as Teachers Training classes. Most of the Mysore Yoga Centers will teach this kriya for local and western students in their yoga classes in Mysore both Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga students in Mysore are practicing this. At first one should learn in the morning with presence of Yoga Guru. Later you can practice yourself .

This is best remedy for most of the problems like Head ache, Sinusitis, Migraine Head ache, Wheezing, Ashtma, common cold, Snoring, Stress and Tension, as well as in total health by balancing our tow important nadis Ida and Pingala. This is best practices for whom one is living and working in dust area and in air pollution city. In case of smoking also very useful to over come some of the problems. Specially sutra nethi with help curing deviation of Septum and out growth in the nostrils.

I suggest this for everyone . Hope you will try this!.

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